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REPUTATION:  Our team has a spotless reputation with the BBB. The sole purpose of the BBB is as a watchdog for any illegitimate business practices, bad customer care and unprofessional behavior.  Click here to check our status with the Better Business Bureau.

WHEN TO CALL US:  Is your roof leaking? Is roof damage visible? Our team will examine your roof. If your roof is more than 10 years old, you will find peace of mind in having one of our professional, certified team members inspect it. We may or may not find problems, but will gladly provide you advice and options.

WARRANTY: Every roof is backed by a lifetime warranty from the nation’s leading roofing manufacturer, GAF. Click here to learn more about GAF warranties.

PRICING:  All roofs are unique and require individual pricing. The amount varies as there are a huge variety of products with varying degrees of quality. Our team will explain the options.

DEPOSITS:  Elite Roofing does NOT require a deposit to begin work on your home.  In fact, we don’t require any payments until AFTER your job is completed. You should beware of contractors who ask for payment before job completion.

INSTALLATION:  Elite Roofing is your labor source. Our team installs one roof at a time. We maintain an excellent reputation for cleanliness and property protection while your roof is being installed.  We will maintain this position throughout the installation process.  It is our goal for you to have a high comfort level with us before, during, and after the roofing process. Please refer to our Client Testimonials for more information.

INSURANCE ASSISTANCE:  In the event that your home has been damaged by a hail storm or other natural disaster, your insurance company will meet one of our team members on your roof to determine the extent of your loss. Our team has a terrific record of finding insurance dollars for you!

ESTIMATE PROCESS:   While some roofing companies will simply leave a bid in your door for whichever type of roof they want to put on your home, Elite Roofing prefers to meet you, offer you choices, and offer explanations and options. Elite Roofing will dispatch one of our team members to get accurate measurements of your roof and we will provide a professional proposal for the estimated work. We will guide you through the process of getting a new roof.  Click here to start the estimate process.

HOLDBACK or DEPRECIATION  PROCESS: Elite Roofing is often asked, “In my adjustment, my insurance company deducted some money for depreciation. Why?” Different insurance companies call the amount that they hold back different things. Some call it depreciation while other companies figure it in as a dump and removal fee. What it represents is the amount of money the company will “hold back” until they receive a signed contract from you and a contractor for the work. When they receive a signed contract, you will receive another check for the amount they have held back. Our team can explain this further without all the mumbo-jumbo. That is why we are here!

NAILS:  Did you know that more than 30,000 nails are involved in an average roofing job?  Our crew will run magnetic rollers over your yard and driveway in an effort to remove dropped nails.

ROOF COLOR:  Upon request, an Elite Roofing team member will provide you addresses of previous jobs so that you can see the actual product on a home.  While sample boards are helpful, they cannot replicate the finished project.

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